Yes, its time to rejoice. Third consignment has arrived the JIVA campus consisting the divine feet of Ramanujacharya Swamy. The load has been carefully unloaded and stored. The 4th and 5th shipments have reached Chennai port. Due to Pongal holidays the customs clearance has been not completed. The team is expecting to get it cleared by tomorrow/day after tomorrow.

The fabrication and erection at Statue of equality project site is going with full speed. The erection has been started last week and already 6 structural poles have been erected.

The Bhadravedi temple complex exteriors work supplier M/s.Mateswari Temples Construction Pvt Ltd performed puja to Sri Ramanuja Crystal, given to them after placement of the order and started the work on auspicious day of 14 Jan 2017.

Sthapathi Sriman Prasadji is working with the manufacturers overseas to correct a few features of the statue. Corrected pictures are expected to arrive for inspection in a day.

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