Bramha Vidyas are defined as the paths of Introspective learning as taught in Upanishads. Swamiji has initiated a plan  to depict these 32 Bramha Vidyas on the Pillars of Bhadra Vedi (the seating stage of Ramanujacharya)! What an opportunity for the entire world to get a taste of the rich and ancient Vedic wisdom. This wisdom learnt through the able guidance of acharyas aims at supporting all beings in a peaceful and blissful state. Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s matchless direction is the key to all the efforts.

Further update on Statue of Equality to all our dear readers:

  • Pillar work on Bhadra Vedi is 90% complete
  • 3 Door frames are in design and review stage
  • Carved mesh work on elevator head area is in progress
  • Stone work of Maha Padmam, the great lotus is complete
  • Arcs on walk-ways are close to complete, minor corrections in progress
  • 38 Pillars for ‘Centres of Inspiration’, the Divya Desams are ready to be fixed; rest are in progress
  • All 464 Pillars of these Divya Desams are being designed in Hoysala Architecture!

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