When in love… meditation needs no efforts

When you are in love with someone, you feel constantly connected and devoted to them. You feel disturbed when someone pulls you away from them even for a split second. When you feel this with God, you are meditating all the time. What a state to be in, isn’t it?

But… How can I fall in love with God when I don’t know about Him?
That is exactly where an Acharya supports us by teaching in a time-tested proper manner. An acharya who is from a lineage of gurus with Lord Narayana as the first guru…

Mass chanting of Ramanuja Nu:ththanda:di in the shade of 216 ft. Ramanujacharya

  • Composed by a great disciple of Ramanujacharya named Thiruvarangatthu Amudunar who originally disliked Ramanujacharya
  • 108 impassioned verses immersed in fervent devotion towards his acharya, Ramanujacharya
  • Expressing in soul-stirring poems as “Ramanuja! There is no greater purpose than reaching your sacred feet!”…. “Why did you let me waste all these years before taking me under shade?”

Pancha kalasa snapana, an offering of sacred bath to deities with showers using conch, discus and thousand fold flow…

World Cancer Day – Mahila Arogya Vikas (MAV)

Mahila Arogya Vikas (MAV), wing of Vikasa Tarangini, a non-profit service organization established by HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji in 1992

  • lakhs of volunteer hours by MAV since 2010
  • more than 19 lakh women screened for abnormalities in cervix cells
  • 15 % to 20% of screened cases resulted in abnormalities
  • treated 4 lakh women diagnosed with abnormalities
  • redesigned colposcope using indigenous technology, reducing cost of the device from INR 2,00,000 to INR 6000 and improving efficacy
  • all services at no cost, less pain and efficient methods

In service of mother earth, MAV launched biodegradable sanitary pads production with the blessings of HH Swamiji

HH’s message to women:
Adopt a natural and active lifestyle, don’t depend on machinery for daily activities. Eat the right food and not fast food. Live in harmony with nature.

A sight to behold for life!

One who is not limited to a specific body took a form to grace us. The sight of 18 glorious divine forms of Lord from 18 Divya Desas overwhelmed everyone in joy, giving goosebumps.

guruda:ru:da vishno:sthu se:va mo:ksha phalaprada
One who witnesses Lord on Garuda gets liberated from karma and attains eternal bliss

Pre-wedding ceremony, Why does God have many brides?

God does not have many brides. God’s bride, the universal mother, is only one. She takes many forms to be next to God wherever needed so He does not ‘punish’ us. God is relatively more strict than mother. Sridevi, Bhudevi, Neeladevi are all different forms of the same thaththva, the compassionate mother… Hence, their union is a blessing to us.

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji playing drums in Samatha Kumbh 2023

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Felt spiritually excellent, most divinely place. Very memorable and beautiful place. Amazing architecture, inspiration to many people.

– M.Sravani, Budvel, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad

How do you feel chanting Sri Ramanuja Nootrandadi ?

Chanting in front of Virat Sri Ramanujacharya swamy is a great blessing and good fortune. Everybody should learn it and also it should be chanted daily. Atleast Satrumurai Pasuram should be chanted. Singing the songs sung by SriAmudan Alwan who is equivalent to sricharanams of Sri Ramanujacharya swamy is a bliss.

– Ramakrishna Kilambi, Hyderabad

Interviews of devotees during theeetha Goshti Why take thi:rtham?

HH is apara Ra:ma:nuja. We are seeing Rama:nuja in Him. Taking thi:rtham through our a:cha:rya’s hands is our good karma.

– Jhansi Rani, Varaha Ratnam, Eluru

HH’s thi:rtham is amrutham. Taking thi:rtham from a:charya’s hands will take us near Him.

– Devotee

There are no words to explain. Taking thi:rtham is a bliss. It energizes us. It connects us to God. We came from so far and felt very lucky that God has given such a great a:cha:rya HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Taking thi:rtham from his hands own hands in this mega event is blissful.

– 6 Devotees, Gudiva:da