February 4th, 2023


I feel blessed to be doing this service. Even if one person gets inspired with our words they can inspire many people. Hoping to talk to more interested visitors who will go and inspire others. New generation youth can’t relate to sculptures vedas slokas etc, swamiji is reintroducing it to everyone in a new way.

– Chitti, Siddipet

It was a very great and different experience. If I am at home I will play games but here it is very peaceful and a great place. I came here to take part in 108 Kalyanam as my mother forced me to come. but now I am happy. I am seeing such function for the first time.

– K. Karthik

Jai srimannarayana,
With the grace of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji we are here at the aashram and witnessing and experiencing joy. The Abhishekam to Sri Ramanujacharyaji this morning evokes many emotions, gratitude and we are blessed in his grace. The beauty of the place, rhythmic chanting, surrounded by devotees is an ecstasy to our mind and soul. We are grateful for his kainkaryam.
Always at his feet,

– Archana Ramanuja Dasi, Bloomington, Illinois.

It was really a great experience and a great opportunity coming here and when I entered here , it was really exciting and I have some peace . This is the first time I am visiting this place and this is something different I have ever experienced.

– Pravallika Meda

Felt spiritually excellent, most divinely place. Very memorable and beautiful place. Amazing architecture, inspiration to many people.

– M.Sravani, Budvel, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad

How do you feel chanting Sri Ramanuja Nootrandadi ?

Chanting in front of Virat Sri Ramanujacharya swamy is a great blessing and good fortune. Everybody should learn it and also it should be chanted daily. Atleast Satrumurai Pasuram should be chanted. Singing the songs sung by SriAmudan Alwan who is equivalent to sricharanams of Sri Ramanujacharya swamy is a bliss.

– Ramakrishna Kilambi, Hyderabad

We are very happy to have been able to participate in the Abhishekam of swarna ramaujacharya, as women earlier it was not possible to be a part of such events or get mantropadesam, but Sri Ramanujacharyaji made this possible and our Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji has blessed us today with his teachings.

– Sujata .


మాటలకందని అద్భుత భావాలు ఎన్నెన్నో అనూహ్య బంగారు కాంతులీను భగవద్రామానుజస్వామి. వీరు చూపిన శరణాగతి మార్గము బంగారుబాట. ఆచరించినవారి జీవితం బంగారుమయం అద్వితీయం ఆనందమయం. జగదాచార్యులైన మన స్వామి లోకానికందించిన ఉపకారాలు ఎన్నో ఎన్నెన్నో..
వీరు వారు అన్న తేడా లేకుండా కుల మత ప్రాంత వర్గ లింగ భేదాలు లేకుండా ప్రతి జీవీ తరించాలని తపించిన స్వామి.
ప్రపన్ముల హృదయాలయాలలో కొలువైన స్వామి.

ఎన్నెన్ని జన్మలలో ఎన్ని సుకృతాలు చేసినో ఆ దివ్య శ్రీచరణ దాసులమయ్యే మహా భాగ్యాన్ని మన ఆచార్యులైన శ్రీశ్రీశ్రీ చిన్నజీయరు స్వామి వారు మనకందించారు.

మనలని తరింపజేయ ఈ భువిని అవతరించిన దివ్యమంగళ విగ్రహస్వరూపం రామానుజాచార్యస్వామి పరమపావనరూపం. దర్శించినంతనే సర్వ పాపహరం సర్వశుభప్రదం

– Jaya Lakshmi Garu, Chennai

The experience at the information Center is very nice. It feels very good to explain to everyone regarding swamiji and the various activities going on here. I came from Hanumakonda and feeling blessed to be part of this service.

– Ramya, Hanumakonda

It’s hard to believe that we are already celebrating the 1st anniversary of SOE. It is a fortunate opportunity to participate in golden Ramanuja’s Abhishekam. Its beautiful & blissful. The association with Ramanuja is uplifting. Just watching the water flowing through the divine body of Ramanuja cleanses our Manas and mind. Just hearing the chanting of his divine name cleanses our thoughts.

– Sruthi, Boston

Garuda is God’s favorite vahanam. Being part of this in 108 Divya Desams , in Sri Ramanujacharya’s presence and Acharya presence is our luck.

– 14 members from MiryalGuda

Every year I do some charity by supporting the students. This year too I thought of contributing for Vedic students. But my mom suggested about Garuda seva in Samantha kumbh which is unique. So I am here. I feel very happy coming g here. The vahanam and the temples are great. I have never seen the divya desams before. Seeing all together is a won experience. Have to plan a tour to see the real ones in future. The bhajns, the pujas, the temples, this is the first time I ever saw. It’s very inspiring.

– Vasistta Software Engineer, Hyderabad

It feels like there is amrit here all over, in Swamiji’s words, in each inch of this place. It’s in those who come here to realize and relish it. I want to revisit this beautiful place, I want to bring the rest of my family, friends, near and dear and everyone I know. It is a must-watch for everyone irrespective of what faith one may belong to. It is just amazing

– a Visitor.

Interviews of devotees during theeetha Goshti Why take thi:rtham?

It is our luck to take God’s thi:rtham through a:charya. We came all the way from Warangal to take thi:rtham from HH’s hands!

– Kambu Rama Devi.

“ He is my guru. Taking thi:rtham through His hands will elevate me. That’s why I am taking thi:rtham.”

– Sharada, Warangal

HH is apara Ra:ma:nuja. We are seeing Rama:nuja in Him. Taking thi:rtham through our a:cha:rya’s hands is our good karma.

– Jhansi Rani, Varaha Ratnam, Eluru

Felt very glad and blessed to be here. Feeling devotional and spiritual!

– Students, ACE Engineering College

HH’s thi:rtham is amrutham. Taking thi:rtham from a:charya’s hands will take us near Him.

– Devotee

When we take thi:rtham, our health will be good. Our mind will be peaceful. We will get punyam. Lord Srimannarayana Himself is our a:charya.

– Devotee

There are no words to explain. Taking thi:rtham is a bliss. It energizes us. It connects us to God. We came from so far and felt very lucky that God has given such a great a:cha:rya HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Taking thi:rtham from his hands own hands in this mega event is blissful.

– 6 Devotees, Gudiva:da