February 11th, 2023


Close eyes?
Sit in silence?
Travel to the Himalayas?

May God bless us with the power to see everything as His creation. When one attains this state, one need not close eyes to meditate on God. One need not expect silence to experience God. One need not travel anywhere to feel God’s presence.

One can still close eyes, sit in silence, or travel to the mountains to experience God.
However, realize that God is not limited to a specific location or situation. It is then you have transformed your entire life into meditation. That is when you will not be shaken by things that otherwise would. You will experience a smooth life in service of the supreme power, God.

Vahana Sevas Statue of equality Samatha Kumbh 2023

Divya Saketha Ramachandra and the pariva:r, Srirangam Divya Desa deity Lord Rangana:ttha, Paramapada Divya Desa deity Lord Parava:sude:va, Swami Sudarsana graced everyone in a procession on Pranava Rattha, the chariot of O:m.

rathastham ke:savam drustva:
punarjanma na vidyathe:
When you see Lord riding in the chariot, you will not take birth driven by karma. You will attain a birth that is blissful, not burdensome.

a:thma:nam rathinam viddhi sari:ram rathame:va thu
buddhim thu sa:rathim viddhi manah pragrahame:va cha
indriya:ni haya:na:hur visha:yamsthe:shu go:chara:n
a:thme:ndriya manoyuktham bhokthetya:hur mani:shinah
Kato:panishad 1.3.3

Significance of Rattho:tsvam, Lord’s procession in chariot

The procession concluded with Chakra sna:na, divine bath for Sudarsana to whom Lord is specially invited into for accepting this service. Devotees took a dip in joy to bathe in the waters touched by acharya and Lord.

Vahana Sevas Statue of equality Samatha Kumbh 2023

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The experience at the information Center is very nice. It feels very good to explain to everyone regarding swamiji and the various activities going on here. I came from Hanumakonda and feeling blessed to be part of this service.

– Ramya, Hanumakonda

Jai srimannarayana,
With the grace of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji we are here at the aashram and witnessing and experiencing joy. The Abhishekam to Sri Ramanujacharyaji this morning evokes many emotions, gratitude and we are blessed in his grace. The beauty of the place, rhythmic chanting, surrounded by devotees is an ecstasy to our mind and soul. We are grateful for his kainkaryam.
Always at his feet,

– Archana Ramanuja Dasi, Bloomington, Illinois.

Interviews of devotees during theeetha Goshti Why take thi:rtham?

When we take thi:rtham, our health will be good. Our mind will be peaceful. We will get punyam. Lord Srimannarayana Himself is our a:charya.

– Devotee

It is our luck to take God’s thi:rtham through a:charya. We came all the way from Warangal to take thi:rtham from HH’s hands!

– Kambu Rama Devi.


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