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The tradition known today as the Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya was
       implemented by Ramanujacharya as an unbreakable bond among
       everyone, uniting the diverse population of the universe through
       mutual respect and equality.  The whole world can be recognized
       with one spiritual bond. The social philosophy of Ramanujacharya
       was designed to cross the boundaries of the caste system and
       embrace the entirety of humanity, leaving no one behind. He has
       thus been lauded as a social genius with Vedic tenets and has
       been rightly given the title ’Bhagavad.’

       In addition to disclosing divine, quintessential knowledge of Vedas
       to all those with sincere interest, He re-established appropriate
       procedures for rituals performed in temples throughout India -
       the most famous ones being at Tirumala, Sri Rangam, Melkote,
       and Kanchipuram.

       Bhagavad Ramanujacharya made strenuous journeys to distant
       places across the Indian subcontinent.  He taught that the social
       order is actually a moral order (code of conduct) and that the
       crux of all values is man’s desire to improve society for all. He
       was a great philosopher-saint, theologian, and social reformer
       who passed down the essence of Vedic knowledge in its purest


       As an unparalleled spiritual master, He delivered the treasure of
       the true spirit of Vedic literature to the doorsteps of the common
       person - regardless of caste, creed, or gender. He propounded the
       philosophy of qualified monism, which enables us to understand
       reality as it is, and the relationship among all of us.

       The key tenets of the philosophy are
           •  There are three essential categories: (i) Nature, (ii) Soul
              (atma), and (iii) The Supreme Being (paramatma).

           •  Nature  is  real;  there  are  infinite  number  of  souls,  all
              souls are real and are of the same essential nature; The
              Supreme Being is real with infinite auspicious qualities.

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