April 18th, 2017


Soft lilting music, colorful lights, sparkling waters, serene atmosphere, sweet smelling fragrances, magnificent architecture  captivate our senses. What if all these are bundled together in one place? Well, Statue of Equality project is going to be that exotic place which will enchant our senses in a way that will be unparalleled. Dynamic Musical Fountain, a real treat to our senses and manas,  is coming up where Bhagavad Ramanuja will be offered abhishekam with cool waters amid melodious music and mesmerizing water fountains. Work on the dynamic Musical Fountain has started. Casting of lions and lotus petals is complete. This week casting of  lions, lotus petals and copper structure around it will be started. Also, the technicians are working on fabrication of the dynamic muscial fountain.

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