February 1st, 2017



Sriman V.Higreevachary, a born blind, aged 30 years pledged to donate 5 Lakh rupees after getting inspired by the discourses of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and knowing about the greatness of Sri Ramanuja. He is a teacher in Secondary Grade school in Balanagar Mandal, RR Dist government school. As second installment, he donated Rs, 30,000 for the cause yesterday. Earlier he donated Rs.14,500 for the cause. He wanted to donate 5 lakhs but due to bank restrictions, he is now giving the amount in installments.

His Holiness Swamiji offered heartfelt mangalasasanams to Sriman Higreevachary and also told to all the audience that he is a great inspiration to all of us.

Let’s give him a big applause!!! 

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