May 6th, 2018


Recently, on May 5th, Sriman Mahanth Swamy became the Head of Sri Swami Narayana (BAPS) Institution. During his visit to Hyderabad, BAPS, He invited Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji accepted the invitation and visited them. HH Swamiji briefed them about Samatha Murthi at Samshabad and invited them to JIVA Asramam.

Due to time constraint, Sriman Mahanth Swamiji expressed his inability to attend the place and said that his members would visit instead.

On May 6th, Sri Swami Narayana Institution members Sriman Atma Chinthan Swami, Sri Ama Nishta Swami, Sri Atma Swarupa Swami, Sri Anandsagar Swami, Sri Sadhughan Syam Swami visited Samshabad Asramam to see Sri Ramanuja – Samatha Murthi. They were spellbound seeing the majestic Ramanuja Swamy seated on a Lotus showering His grace to the whole world.

Returning back to their asramam, they explained their divine experience, the amazing work and the magnificient creation to their guruji Sriman Mahanth Swamiji.

The very next day, on May 7th, Sriman Mahanth took time to visit Samatha Murthi and was very happy to see the wonderful work and the message it conveys. Sriman Mahanth Swami, although very old (nearly 80 Yrs), climbed the three levels and reached the Badra Vedi. He touched the Gajarajas there and was extremely thrilled and happy. He asked more details about Sri Ramanuja from our HH Swamiji and was amazed to know about the life history, philosophy, mission and works of Sri Ramanuja.