September 8th, 2017


The ‘Statue of Equality’ painting material is specialised and is expected to reach site soon! A few more exciting updates include:
• Ramanuja Acharya ‘thiru mukham’ (the divine radiating face) is ready to grace us soon
Dynamic Fountain civil construction aimed to be complete by 15th Oct 2017
• 2000 sq mtrs out of 17,500 sq mtrs of Bhadravedi Temple complex is complete
• Electrical work on lighting of Bhadravedi Temple complex has begun

How wonderful to know the way things are being shaped up on Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi site! Let us all hurry up and take part in this beautiful act of gratitude for the best gift given by Ramanuja Acharya for entire humanity before it’s too late. It is a mark of our identity and our rich heritage! It is a mark of the beautiful path laid by Bhagavad Ramanuja that lakhs of people are now travelling in. It is the project of every single individual who has travelling in the path that is filled with compassion for everyone.

An Equality that Ramanuja propagated 1000 years ago at the root level is a need of the hour! With so many atrocities, so much violence, misguided youth and lack of right perspective – this project will serve as the answer for everything!