March 3rd, 2024


Samatha Deeksha –  27 days anushtan!

Sri Rama Chandra Swami Santhi Kalyanam Samatha Kumbh 2024 Statue of Equality

As part of Samatha Kumbh 24, devotees took up a deeksha under the able guidance and direction of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. It started off on the 1st of Feb and continued till 27th Feb 2024.

the mantra
Srimathe: Ra:ma:nuja:ya Namaha
for every chant of the mantra, a devotee offered a grain of rice into a pot named samatha patra, the pot of equality

It’s not kilograms of rice that one must offer, but grains of rice that one could collect while chanting the mantra with heartfelt gratitude and devotion to Ramanuja.

Devotees are given Yajna prasadam back in their Samatha pots so they can distribute it to everyone in their area…

Acharya Varivasya

We all know an acharya is essential to a seeker of divine wealth….

A disciple serves his/her acharya out of heart-felt gratitude and an unstoppable desire to serve acharya…

Does God serve acharya too? If so, why?

The compassion with which an acharya protects the glory of God in His heart makes him divine and powerful. To that Acharya, God also showers His gratitude as his disciple.

Vaishnava Nambi is the name of the Lord in Thirukkurungudi Divyadesam. He was given sanka chakra (tha:pa samska:ra), mantro:pade:sam and pundra samskaram by Ramanujacharya. Hence, he is considered Guru to the Lord in Thirukkurungudi.

Lord Srinivas was given sanka chakra (tha:pa samska:ra) by Ramanujacharya in Tirumala.

Varivasya is a beautiful Sanskrit word for seva/service. Acharya Varivasya is the seva that God Himself offers to Ramanujacharya. The Lord in 108 forms of the 108 Divyadesams offer the service of garlanding and vasthra-samarpana to Ramanujacharya. Despite being greater than Lord, Ramanujacharya knows his role and pays respects to Lord. Then, the Lord in each of the 108 Divyadesams offers blessings to Ramanujacharya through satari samarpana, touch of Lord’s feet, representation of Nammalwar, upon Ramanujacharya’s head.

– Excerpts from HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji discourses
– 28th Feb 2024, Samatha Kumbh 2024
– Statue of Equality, Hyderabad, TN, India

A Majestic Boat Ride

As part of bramhotsavam, the annual event of Lord’s appearance in the world as a deity, vahana sevas are offered to Lord. Lord is taken around on a tour in different types of vehicles. Teppotsavam is a seva offering a majestic boat ride to the Lord.

During the beginning of Vaivasvatha Manu era, Lord appeared as matsya, fish in front of a great king named Satyavratha. He explained what needs to be done and took a giant horn fish form and protected 84 lakh species of beings from a universal tsunami, pralaya, dissolution.

Today in this Kali Yuga, Lord in the form of archa vigraha, a deity is accepting a fish-shaped boat ride…

Cultural Programs
  • Indore Tirumala Bhakthi Gaana Nrutya Swaranjali – Devotional Songs and dance.