February 27th, 2024



Sri Rama Chandra Swami Santhi Kalyanam Samatha Kumbh 2024 Statue of Equality

….is the devotion driven bhavana-based divine process where the doer attempts to worship Lord using a new clean and pure body obtained by the grace of Lord.

The doer initiates this process in bhavana with ‘burning’ the current body filled with various vasanas, imprints of past and karmic records. The doer, i.e. jiva, enters the Lord’s right foot and exits through the Lord’s left foot traversing through The divine body made of thejas. When the Lord ‘looks’ at the jiva compassionately, it attains a clean and pure body.

The doer fills the new body with Lord and performs aradhana, devotion-driven service and offerings. This bhavana-based process that happens in a doer’s mind is called Dhyana.

It is because of bhavana (feeling) that karma samskaras (tendencies resulting from past karma)are formed.
It is therefore through bhavana that they can be pulled down.


For as long as the Lord is served/worshipped by the doer during dhyana, the doer is said to be performing japa.

– Excerpts from HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji discourses
– Ashtakshari Mahamantra Japa
– 5:45am to 6:30am, 26th Feb 2024, Samatha Kumbh 2024
– Statue of Equality, Hyderabad, TN, India

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