February 26th, 2024


Yellow signifies a sacred Vow

Sri Rama Chandra Swami Santhi Kalyanam Samatha Kumbh 2024 Statue of Equality

Pasupu, turmeric is a form of mother Lakshmi. Adorning pasupu on His divine wet body, the Lord makes a promise to protect us. What else do we need to trust in Him?

Thirumanjana seva / abhisheka seva is prescribed in Pancharatra Agama scriptures everytime Lord steps out for a tour outside the temple. In the seva, priests perform all the upacharas, services like a mother would do for her beloved little child. It starts from brushing teeth to giving a bath, dressing up to feeding.

The Divine Union of Compassion and Knowledge

Conducting Kalyanam for the Lord is more than just a simple ‘wedding’. It is a divine union of soul with our eternal companion, best friend, and ever well-wisher God Himself. Only at the Statue of Equality has such an event been performed with a great scale like this.

Meditate on the beauty of the event, keeping knowledge and compassion eternally bound.

Jnananda Swami from Kurukshetra
It is always the messages from saints and blessings from sarveswara that can enlighten and uplift us.

“For many yogas, Statue of Equality will continue to bring pride to Bharath! This divine and mega sankalp of Swamiji keeps Bharath tied to its roots forever.”

– Excerpts from HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji discourses
– 25th Feb 2024, Samatha Kumbh 2024
– Statue of Equality, Hyderabad, TN, India

Cultural Programs

Natyanjali led by dance artist Usha Raghavan from the U.K.