February 22nd, 2024


In right silence lies
the real strength…

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
meditating on Ashtakshari Mahamantra

Why is the celebration
called Samatha Kumbh?

Kum means bhumi, the Earth

  • Bh means glorifies
  • Samatha means Equality

Kumbh is that which glorifies the Earth…
Sri Ramanujacharya here as Statue of Equality is glorifying the Earth with His divine presence, enlightening us that all are equal in the eyes of God. Not just humans, but all 84 lakh species. He stood for Equality as He elucidated the relation of God with all souls and Nature. This is termed as Visista Advaitha, qualified dualism.

Hence, the name Samatha Kumbh!

Out of heart-felt gratitude towards Sri Ramanujacharya and the Lord in 108 divine forms, we have come together to offer services and carry with us the spirit of acharya’s divine message…
Like a cloth that is used for holding Asafoetida…

Ramanuja Sannidhi
in Tirumula

Many are referred to as Acharya, but when anyone says Acharya without a prefix of their name, it is Ramanujacharya and no other Achaya. Why?
Because Ramanujacharya is the accepted acharya not only for human beings, but also for God… He is therefore The Acharya!

Have you seen Ramanuja in Tirumala?
Find out why Ramanujacharya is God for Lord Venkateswara Swami in Tirumala and the background

18 Garuda Vahana Sevas
We all enjoy taking our dear ones on a ride in a new car or horse or a boat etc.
How about an opportunity to take God on a special ride?
Yes! This special ride is the magnificent Garuda ride.
Participate in Garuda Vahana Seva and experience the joy of taking God on a Garuda ride!
At the Statue of Equality, you can ‘sponsor’ for God’s Garuda ride. You will take part in a guided honoring to Lord as the ride ends… Garuda represents Vedas and witnessing Lord’s beauty as He rides on Garuda is considered to be the most auspicious of all.

Don’t miss it! Unique and extraordinary divine event and once in a year opportunity
Feb 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 27th

– Excerpts from HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji discourses
– 21st Feb 2024, Samatha Kumbh 2024
– Statue of Equality, Hyderabad, TN, India

Honorable Guests from
Swaminarayana sampradaya

The 108 Temple Walk at the Statue of Equality is the Best Walk in my Life
– Dharmadhurandhar 1008 Rakesh Prasad Maharaj

I witnessed Bhakthi’s real form here at the Statue of Equality
– Sukhavallabhdas ji

Swaminarayana Sampradaya is a branch of Visistadvaitha Sampradaya that Sri Ramanujacharya Swami enlightened the world with…
-Sastribhakthi Prasad Swamiji

Cultural programs

  • Bhakthi Sangeet Vibhaavari led by vocal director Sri Taraka Rama Rao.
  • Swagathanjali from Jiva Dance Troupe led by Natyacharya Pavan Kumar.

Highlights of 21st Feb 2024

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Visitors Experiences

Highlights of 21st Feb 2024

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Visitors Experiences