July 16th, 2017


Adorning ourselves requires internal cleansing. Let us cleanse ourselves in the ultimate philosophy instated by Bhagavad Ramanuja. The philosophy that stood for Equality of everyone in the eyes of the Supreme power! The philosophy that gave us the true meaning of internal beauty! The philosophy that has proven a state of ultimate bliss! The philosophy that is based on love and warmth! What an opportunity to adorn the structure that represents such great philosophy and knowledge!

Sriman Prasad Sthapathy, has recently visited our workshop to guide and inspect the work done by hundreds of dedicated artisans. We are happy to share the progress on sculpture work.

  • Jali work (intricate carved mesh design) of Ground floor is close to completion
  • Jali work of the steps of Bhadravedi is in progress
  • 1000 Pillars for the railing are ready out of 1250 that are required
  • Prototypes are being designed and are inspected for correctness
  • 30 trucks of material is ready to be dispatched while about 20 more trucks of material is getting ready
  • Koshta toranams (the window headers) are being carved as per the prototypes given
  • Sample piece of Karna kutam is inspected and minor changes were suggested
  • 10 CNC machines are working round the clock to support the artisans

This will soon become the centre for knowledge across the world and will satisfy the thirst for higher wisdom, fundamental truths that run our existence, a mirror that can show internal beauty and more!

We thank all the generous donors and dedicated volunteers. We also invite all our readers to come and take part in this journey! Don’t miss the opportunity, you can Volunteer , Donate or Write to us if you wish to be involved in any other way.