April 30th, 2017


On Sunday 30-04-2017 our Hon’ble Prime Minister Modiji addressed the people of our Nation in his monthly radio programme. In this months edition, Modiji spoke about the importance and need to remember and recollect our culture, traditions and history of our great nation. This would keep us energised and inspire each of us. He spoke about 2017 marking Sant Ramanujacharya‘s 1000th Birth Anniversary. Modiji reminded the nation that over the period of time, we have restricted ourselves to centuries just like other countries but have forgotten that Bharath is such an ancient country, that we get a chance to celebrate in millenniums.

“Imagine a society 1000 years ago, what would have been the thinking? Even today, breaking the shackles of social rigidity is so tough. 1000 years ago it must have been even tougher. Very few people might be aware that Sant Ramanujacharya fought against social inequality, untouchability and caste system. He fought a Great War against the caste inequality, embraced the so called “untouchables” and relentlessly fought for them and successfully won them their rights to enter the temples. We are indeed very lucky that to eradicate the social evils, great men took birth in all generations. We should take inspiration from Sant Ramanujacharya for social equality and unity. The government of Bharath will be releasing a stamp on 1st May in honour and memory of Sant Ramanujacharya. I bow before Sant Ramanujacharyaji to pay my respects and tributes to Him.”- PM Modiji