May 25th, 2017


Marvellous carvings are getting ready to serve the majestic stage of where Bhagavad Ramanuja will be seated to inspire and spread the message of Equality and Love amongst all beings.

At Mount Abu  Rajasthan – our senior team headed by primary architect, Sriman Prasad Sthapathy inspected and observed the progress on sculpture work of Bhadra Vedi.

  • SIX HUNDRED artisans are working with love and dedication in multiple workshops
  • FIVE CNC machines are working round the clock on intricate net shaped crafts
  • ONE HUNDRED sculptors from Orissa are engaged in complex carving crafts
  • FIFTEEN  full trucks of finished material is ready for dispatch
  • FIVE major workshops and several smaller workshops had craftsmen who had questions that were carefully clarified by our team
  • SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of ground floor sculpture carving work is complete
  • TWENTY FIVE PERCENT of first floor column carving work is complete
  • HIGHLY SKILLED cement artisans will be sent to further guide the details of upcoming work such as Koshta Thoranam (top part of windows) and other ornamental creations