November 12th, 2018


Smt. Seetha Devi, w/o Srinivas Garu has donated Rs1,01,116/- and 50 grams of gold towards the making of Statue of Equality. This was done in honour of her mother, Smt Avasarala Vedavalli ji. This is an example of how the project belongs to everyone who has contributed either monetarily, intellectually, or physically to the Statue and the 108 centres of inspiration. There is a lady who sells fruits on the road side, named Appayamma who donated her savings towards the project. It shows the importance of the teachings of Ramanujacharya in the minds of everyone.

Every single such person is an instrument in the hands of God for making the most beautiful statue, the most authentic structure that encompasses the knowledge described in Vedas, the ancient science!