July 11th, 2017


We are very happy to share with all our readers that the inner support structure of the head part of Ramanuja Acharya is complete. A special low bed trailer is being used to bring the same to the site. The effort that was put in transportation of this is huge. A lac and a half was spent on this to ensure right mode of transport is used to bring it onto the site. Fabrication of arms has started and aimed to be completed soon.

On this note, let’s take a minute to think about the core strength of this project. Sri HH Chinna Jeeyar Swami is an inspiration, an visionary, and an exemplary and divine personality. His ways of working with devotees is amazing. One who comes to seek his advise gets captivated by his lotus-petal like eyes that are just two icons of love and warmth. One who comes to share their sorrow with Swamiji becomes motivated as they watch him work day-in and day-out solely for the benefit of everyone. One who comes to seek his blessings for any important event in their life goes home with so much divine strength that comes from HIS heart-felt and pure wishes. One who comes to disagree with him on an issue just turns around and begins to support him and nod his head as HH discusses the reasons with valid and highly unarguable premise.

One who knows him can go on and on in this way….

Such great acharya, our beloved HH chinnajeeyar swamiji is in the lineage of Bhagavad Ramanuja Acharya. We are so glad to share these progress news with you all about this project on Bhagavad Ramanuja Acharya. Hope you share these because this statue and this project belongs to all of us. This statue will stand as a symbol of the great virtues that are the building blocks of our livelihood. We are connected to the philosophy promoted by Bhagavad Ramanuja Acharya. To raise above caste, creed, and all other differences and bring all of us together as children of the creator and saviour, God is a very true and necessary element to keep the world in harmony.

Let us all be proud and take part in making of the ‘Statue of Equality’. We invite and welcome anyone who can DONATE or take part in anyway in this endeavor.