Vandanam Janardhan garu has donated Rs.75,000, his 3 months’ pension to the great cause of aacharya seva for Ramanuja Sahasrabdi, the Statue of Equality project. In addition, he has spread the word which encouraged and motivated his friends and relatives to donate Rs. 34,213/

Name Donated
S. Ramachander Rao                  Rs 5000
S. Sujathamma                  Rs 1000
C. Seetha Ramarao                  Rs 5016
P. Bhupal Rao                  RS 501
Vanam ganesham                  Rs 2116
Nalla Chandraiah                  Rs  1116
Bandaru Govardhan                  Rs  1116
Ritesh Prasad                  Rs 1000
V. Ramprasad                  Rs 2116
T. Apparao                  Rs 2116
Uppala Basava Raju Kavitha                  Rs 1001
R. Viplava Reddy                  Rs 1000
P. Sathi Reddy                  Rs 201
Dayakar Reddy Sandya                  Rs 501
P. Rajitha                  Rs 201
K. Anantha Reddy                  Rs 350
P. Yadaiah                  Rs 516
B. Rangarao                  Rs 5001
S. Ramachander Rao                  Rs 1116
Manchukonda Rajaiah                  Rs 501
B. Venkat Ramana                  Rs 501
G. Sandeep Reddy                  Rs 100
M. Anji Reddy                  Rs 1010
P. Indra Sena Reddy                  Rs 501
Sadha Siva Reddy                  Rs 516



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