April 3rd, 2017


1st April 2017
JIVA Campus

Currently, at the Statue of equality Project site, parts of Gajaraja elephants, lotus flowers and parts of the statue are being assembled and erected onto the 20 meter pedestal with the assistance of the Chinese technical teams.
A total36 Gajaraja elephants, columns and the lotus flowers parts are being assembled by the 40 member Chinese team.
The various parts of the lotus, elephants and other structures are first being assembled at the assembly yard.
They are then elevated and erected; at the height of 7.5 to 17.5 level around 14 columns have already been erected so far . More such columns are being erected and the progress is underway. The statue erection and structural erection are together progressing in parallel .

On Saturday, the 1st of April, HH Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji visited the project site. HH inspected the assembly yard where currently the parts related to Padmapeetam like statues of Gajaraja elephants, lotuses etc are being assembled. He inspected and inquired about the assembly procedures and discussed details like welding quality, joint quality, inspection procedures etc with the team.

HH Swamiji also visited the project site where the stone work is being conducted. He inquired on the well being of the team members and also examined the health and safety procedures being followed and implemented. He visited the site where the statue parts of the are being assembled. HH Swamiji met and interacted with the Chinese Project Manager and inquired about the health & safety precaution procedures required during welding, grinding and polishing etc. and discussed the progress details of the project.

HH Chinna jeeyar Swamiji visited the various project sites, spending close to two and a half hours (from around 4pm to 6:30pm)  interacting with the all various team members inquiring on their well being and offering His Mangalasanams.

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