October 2nd, 2018


Building great structures of unique attributes is not technologically extra-ordinary effort these days. However, what is the purpose of that uniqueness? How are YOU connected to that uniqueness?

Take any wonder of the world and ask yourselves the following questions!

Does the uniqueness of the structure enrich the experience of a sensory organ?


Does the uniqueness of the structure enrich the experience of you, the soul?


Does that enrichment benefit the soul alone? 


Does that enrichment benefit the world answering the needs and questions of the physically suffering, intellectually curious, devotionally attached to the Supreme power?


If the answer is Yes for all the four above, then we can perceive it as a truly great structure and be proudly part of it. Statue of Equality is absolutely such a structure.

The team of architects at State of Equality is putting together the essence of all the greatest ancient temples of Bharath, as inspiration centres, and preserving that intricate beauty all at one place! When beauty, wisdom that can benefit the entire world are at one place, shouldn’t we all be super excited about it and take part?


The 108 centres of inspiration, each telling a great story that has been time-tested and valued by the intellectuals, scholars, seers,common men and women are all being beautifully put together at Statue of Equality

The 216-foot Ramanujacharya is built to draw attention for the incredibly valuable message he had shared with the entire world. His conduct philosophically, socially, intellectually and in many ways, has inspired all the hearts who are now part of this structure.

32 BramhaVidyas being depicted on pillars exquisitely to benefit of one and all with the great ancient Vedic wisdom, is another unique attribute of the structure. This benefit will be bestowed to all with no barriers.



Adding beauty architecturally is a huge add-on. It can be seen in the way the chariots are being designed at the entrance of the site. There will be two chariots designed in the style of Hampi(the place where God graces in the form of Sri Vijaya Vittala).However, the wheels for these chariots are being designed with that of Sri Sarangapani’s temple at Kumbhakonam. Also, while the original structure of that chariot does not have any elephant as part of it, a 10 feet high elephant is a creation of architects at the current site!

Ramanujacharya’s message is evident in every single inch of the construction. Swamiji’s wish for a greater peaceful state of every single soul is seen in every single decision of the project.

Thus, while not compromising on authenticity – the structure is being designed to reflect the beauty of right wisdom, rich architecture, pure devotion, soothing peace, staunch practice, true equality, eternal joy and more!