December 16th, 2017


We say ‘Thanks’ to someone who has given us a glass of water when we are thirsty. We say, ‘May everything you wish for come true”; ‘thank you’ to someone who has offered you delicious food when you are super hungry. We hug a friend and express gratitude for being with us in hard times. We say thanks to the trees by doing our bit in protecting the environment. We say thanks to the Sun by offering a prayer every morning. We are thankful to everyone and everything around us for keeping us the way we are now.

How about being thankful to Acharya who shared with us the ultimate knowledge of eternal truths? To that Acharya who gave us the knowledge which supports us in leading a happier life here while paving the path to the ultimate goal of the soul?

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamijji’s dream is to express our gratitude to Bhagavad Ramanujacharya through this wonderful ‘Statue of Equality’ project that spread the message of Ramanujacharya to the entire world for many generations. Lakhs of people who are benefited by the knowledge of Ramanujacharya are participating in the making of this great structure.

Today, as Swami reached the site and looked at the progress of work – His eyes were filled with joy. While HH was mesmerised looking at the Acharyas 216 foot statue, everyone around there got lost into Swamiji’s eyes that were filled with loads of happiness, gratitude and a sense of fullness.

Latest on Swarna Murthi, Bhadravedi, Dynamic Fountain and more..!

  • Tridandam(the flag pole) and Thirumukham(the face) polishing is complete
  • Dynamic Fountain erection process has begun
  • Bhadravedi (the stage on which 216 feet Ramanuja is seated in honour)
  • 192 people are on the job
  • You can choose to Donate for the steps that take you to Bhadravedi, or any other work that is in progress.
  • Swarna Murthi, 120 Kg Gold Deity of Ramanuja – While the 216 feet high Ramanuja statue is set to invite the entire world to explore eternal truths, the 120 Kg Gold Deity will instil a deep sense of conscious connection with the Supreme power. The Gold Deity is being placed for letting us offer daily worship to thank HIM for elaborating on eternal truths in clarity!

The order for the Murthi needs to be placed in the next couple of weeks. If you would like your gold to the murthi, please donate now. Take pride for contributing to a cause that marks true knowledge on eternal truths!