April 14th, 2017


JET Sydney has been conducting Pada Yatra in Sydney since 14+ years. This was organized by Smt.Saiji & Sri Muraliji, This year the walk has been named formally as EQUALITY WALK with the special mangalasasanams of Sri HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji during His recent visit to Sydney, thus providing a vision to the community.

Sriman Navaneethji, Kesavji, Krishnamurthiji & Ram Velji along with other team members have represented JET Australia Foundation. The walk spread awareness about the greatness of Bagavad Ramanujacharya Swami.
World will witness the teachings of Sri Ramanujacharya who spread the great message of equality across whole Bharath by performing pada yatra from Kashmir to almost the tip of Southern India. JET Australia Foundation recognizes this service as great spread of Humanity in Sydney. Special thanks to Saiji, Muraliji, Raviji & team for creating an awareness and Opportunity to community.