August 10th, 2017


The Dynamic Fountain which will serve as a way to offer water to those feet of Bhagavad Ramanuja, as a gesture of respects and thankfulness is being shaped up. The pipes required for the setup of this fountain have reached the site.

August 10th marks the target shipping date for Statue of Equality and Dynamic Foundation copper plates. We are getting closer and closer to the magnificent time ever! How inspiring it is to have Bhagavad Ramanuja, our great Acharya whose care for all those in suffering has paved way for this extraordinary monument in remembrance?

Assembly, welding, fabrication, carving, structuring, lighting – this and what not? Every area of work is Save & Exit going on with great enthusiasm. We are looking forward to join you all as much close as possible into the making of Statue of Equality. So, come Visit the site and Join us!