September 1st, 2016


Jai Srimannarayana!!

Some couples came forward and donated to Statue Of Equality project :

Sriman Narender Rao & M Padma from Karimnagar donated Rs 1,00,116/-
Sriman Ravindar Rao & Smt.T.Janiki from Karimnagar donated  Rs 25,000/-
Sriman Permalla Krishna Reddy & Smt. Rama Devi from Hanamakonda donated Rs 2,01,116/-
Sriman Devendar Reddy & Smt.Jhansi Lakshmi from Hyderabad donated Rs 1,11,116/-


Sriman .Ch Damodar Rao & Smt Sulochana done a pledge for the project statue of equality by donating every month Rs 2000/- up to 31 months started from August