April 13th, 2017


May 1st, 1001th Birthday of Sri Ramanujacharya is fast approaching. Many of us are waiting for the BIG day when Statue of Equality will be inaugurated and dedicated to the world. We are happy to let all the supporters know that the work on the ground is going on in full swing. As of today, structural erection upto 17.5 mts high is in progress.Assembly of 32 elephants have been completed. The circular sheet around the Bhadravedi foundation has been installed. 6 elephants have been raised so far to the Bhadravedi platform and fixing of 3 elephants on the top has been completed. In the Ground Assembly, work on assembling the Padma Peetam is going on. Soon parts of the Padma Peetam will be lifted and placed on Bhadravedi foundation. Purity tests and wearing test are being carried out as part of Quality Control. Fabrication works are also in progress. Stone work for interior and exterior walls of Bhadravedi is also in progress. The current estimate of project completion is now estimated in the first quarter of 2018.