January 18th, 2018


Bharath is a country that is based not only on what a brain is capable of but also on what a heart can give. It is built on the foundations of a kind heart that elevates one to a peaceful state. The Materialistic progress spiritual base can be harmful to society. It is equivalent to AK47 in the hands of a crazy person. 

A mind that focuses only on materials or external growth will become selfish, dominant and can lead to hurting others around. However, when it is bound by a higher goal of spiritual enrichment, collaboration and collective work becomes easier and efficient.

Around 1000 years ago, Ramanujacharya spread the profound message of Equality, which is quite essential for everyone to believe in so that we don’t fight over supremacy. Today, we would like to revive those ideal thoughts, those great deeds in the form of an inspirational centre. We would like to reinstate those foundations so that the future generations can learn and grow into peace spreading souls!

Inviting one and all to become part of this noble mission that rebuilds us as strong pillars of a great future!

– From the discourse of Sri Swamiji in a gathering at Jubliee Hills, Hyderabad, India