June 19th, 2016


Andal , the only female saint among the 12 alwars and daughter of Periya Alwar has written and sung 30 verses in Tamil, waking up our inner senses. On careful comprehension of Her verses we get to understand Her concern for the entire humanity and their well-being. After all She is our mother.

What is of importance for us here is Her sense of Equality and equal concern for all of us.

She invites all with faith and bhakthi to join Her, and for those without either of these. She tries to wake their true selves and instructs them so as to give them the minimum eligibility to join Her in the endeavour.

The second Pasuram “Vaiyatthu vaazhveerghall…”, the beginning  with these two words invite all that are alive. (Here alive in both the senses, spiritually alive and physically alive)Both kinds of people are invited, the already virtuous to progress further and the beginners to be enlightened, lured by the material benefits initially. Similarly many such pasurams  are calls irrespective of any qualification except the freewill of attaining supreme bliss.

Now, such an Andal who is an epitome of Equality, of concern for the fallen beings like us, considers Bhagavad Ramanuja as Her elder brother. She is said to have stepped out of Her sanctum forgetting that She is in archa form ( statue form) and greeted, addressed Bhagavad Ramanuja as “Nam Koil Annane…” or My Dear Elder Brother!

What better description of Bhagavad Ramanuja or what better proof of the presence of magnanimous equality bound mind in our great Acharya is required? In other words, the brother and sister seem to compete with each other to uplift us irrespective of our caste, creed, race, etc. Salutations to the Divine Sister and Brother that stand as two great pillars of equality.

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