November 26th, 2017


On the 24th of November, first steps were taken in planning and marking a ride in Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi site at JIVA campus, Sri Ram Nagar. This ride is being designed to take the visitors into the key incidents in Ramanuja’s life making them feel like they are part of those times!

There are several events in the life journey of Ramanuja which reveal his intense understanding of the entire existence and deep concern for everyone. The events are a ‘must to watch’ for anyone in question about the ‘purpose of life’ or ‘what next in life’ or ‘what is right and what is wrong’ or ‘why should I do this and not that’ and such conflicts in mind.

Sriman Sanjay ji, Sriman Rajeev ji, Sriman Ramesh Mantha, Sriman Prasad and few other key people discussed the first drawings on an exhibition or a ride that will walk the people through the life history of Ramanujacharya. Entry and Exit areas, Key show areas, and pathways were all talked through keeping in mind the objective of giving an experience of taking part in the actual event from the history! What an amazing opportunity for everyone to not only learn from but actually live in the event!

A short description of one such incident that you see in the image is:

Vittadeva of the Hoysala dynasty, was the King, with Thondanur Nambi as one of the prime ministers. Vittadeva’s daughter was suffering from a serious ailment. The king approached many of Jain monks but their efforts could not help the daughter. Thondanur Nambi proposed to the King that they meet Ramanujacharya who had recently come to towards the area. King agreed.

In the meantime, Thondanur Nambi met Ramanuja and told him about:

  • severe droughts in the area
  • the Princess being ill
  • recently discovered deity of Narayana

Ramanujacharya agreed to see the King’s daughter. The daughter spoke out saying that the ‘theertham’ obtained from washing Ramanujacharya’s feet, and the touch of his feet on her head will heal her. King asked her how he would know if the ailment is completely gone. She responded saying that a tree’s branch seen from her window will fall down as soon as the sickness is gone. Everything happened according to what was planned and the daughter recovered from the illness. King was extremely happy and was began to be devoted to Ramanujacharya. That caused anger in the Jain monks and they challenged  with Ramanujacharya for a debate. Whoever loses the challenge will follow the winner’s school of thought.

Ramanujacharya suggested that a cloth be tied as a separator between the Jain monks and himself. About 10,000 monks gathered and questioned Ramanujacharya. His answers suited all of them even though all their questions were different. It was an amazing incident and people were thrilled to watch the debate on philosophy and eternal truths. Ramanujacharya won the challenge and several Jain monks became his disciples.

This is what you see in the picture/image. This will be an incident that we can observe and be part of in the Statue of Equality project!

After winning the challenge, Ramanujacharya went through the kingdom and observed the reasons for the severe drought condition. He suggested the King to build a bridge and advised technical ways to improve the condition of farmers. The King was surprised to see Ramanujacharya’s knowledge on aspects that relate to social development. His keen eye into details and technical aspects of implementing a solution for the problem were both very inspiring to the King. The King also named the bridge and the water reservoir as ‘Thirumalaraya Sagaram’ as per the recommendation of Ramanujacharya.

Later, Ramanujacharya suggested that the king can also now build a temple for the recently discovered deity of Narayana to help people satisfy their thirst for the journey of soul towards eternal bliss.

Thus, Ramanujacharya’s extreme wisdom in all aspects tells us how it is possible to attain spiritual enlightenment while paying great attention to all social causes. Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji is no less in this endeavour. As Swamiji always says, a True Vaishnava is one whose heart bleeds and his acts to relieve another soul from suffering!

How great it is that we all have an opportunity to live through these wonderful incidents of Ramanujacharya under the aegis of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami. Come, PARTICIPATE in the making of Statue of Equality!