November 11th, 2020


Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji inaugurated the sculpting of 18-foot-high Garuda and Hanuma at the divine Statue of Equality premises. On the either sides of the entrance tower, these divine 18-foot-high Garuda and Hanuma will soon stand in pride and honour of the magnificent inside!

The process began by sanctifying the acquired stone with holy water and other elements of mother nature. Swamiji then offered His prayers and ha:rathi to Garuda and Hanuman. Swamiji Himself marked the thilak on the forehead of the sila, the specially selected stone to carve the statue of Garuda and Hanuman. He took the chisel and hammer and started to carve.

Swamiji spoke to the team of sculptors and shared/advised/guided on the work ahead.

This milestone event took place on the same day, the punarvasu of a:shwayuja month in the current year, sa:rvari when thousands of people across the world along with Swamiji began chanting Sri Ramayanam.

A sculptor takes away unwanted parts of a stone to carve a desired shape, an acharya carves out unwanted “elements” from his students/disciples to bring out their natural beautiful state.

A sculptor’s tools are his chisel, hammer etc.

What do you think an acharya’s tools are?

– Update from Chief Architect
– DNV Prasad Sthapathy and team
– 6th November 2020