October 17th, 2019


Temple architecture has great significance in India. Every element seen on the pillars and walls of the temples reflect external beauty driven by teachings from Vedic wisdom.

Artisans of Quyang, Baoding, Hebei, China are equipped with exceptional sculpting skills and modern instruments needed to create an exact representation of the Yalis.

Makara Yali (Crocodile shaped), Simha Yali (lion-shaped), Suka Yali (parrot shaped) and Aswa Yali (horse-shaped) are the four types of Yalis which will be positioned on the pillars of Divya Desa (centers of inspiration) pavilion. There are several types of Yalis that one can notice in our ancient temples. Huge exercise was done to pick these four types. The architect team visited all the prominent ancient temples, spent time researching and learning from Vedic texts on what they meant, discussed with Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji on each detail.

3D animation drawings, followed by carving of sample figures took considerable time to get to the perfect shape envisioned. Based on the template finalized, black marble carving has begun. 

  • 24 of such Yalis have reached the Statue of Equality site for erecting
  • 32 of them are ready to be shipped from Hebei 

The architect team is reviewing the progress of these at regular intervals. Recently, the team visited Quyang, Baoding, Hebei, China (for about 14 days split into two visits) during the making of the 32 Yalis and suggested some minor modifications w.r.t to the finalized template.

Under the guidance of Sri Swamiji , the Statue of Equality site will showcase 108 centers of inspiration to everyone. This will be the most important place to visit for the coming generations. It will encompass the wisdom from all the rushis and acharyas as compiled by Ramanujacharya. The backbone of every element in this magnificent attraction is the time-tested wisdom of Vedas and the beautiful ancient history of mankind.

– Update from Chief Architect, SOE
– Sriman Prasad Ji
– 14 th October 2019