Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire the world's entire population, 7.6 Billion and counting, to help make the world a more equal place to live.

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Discover the people behind The Statue of Equality and the movement it’s designed to inspire.

Equality Stats & Facts

Learn more about why inequality is one of the biggest problems facing society today.

What We Do


Helping underprivileged kids enroll in school, blind children attend universities, and tribal kids successfully graduate.


Providing cancer detection and prevention, organ donation, affordable quality healthcare, and bone marrow transplants.

Personality Development

Cultivating ethical leadership, integrity management, social championship, and inner-peace development for all.

Children & Youth

Providing economic, social, educational, familial, and cultural support for youth.

Disaster Relief

Training quick response teams to help victims of natural disasters.


Offering free positive living practices for physical, mental, emotional wellness through yoga and meditation.


Empowering women by providing resources, skills, and knowledge to lead self-sustaining lives.

Environmental & Animal Protection

Reducing carbon footprint, replace plastic usage, plant trees, and protect wildlife.

Preserve Heritage & Culture

Restoring ancient structures while preserving traditional cultural values and ancient knowledge.

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