Sri Ramanuja, a revolutionary social reformer and humanitarian, liberated millions of people from social, cultural, and economic discrimination with a foundational belief that every human is equal regardless of nationality, gender, race, caste, or creed.

Sri Ramanuja distilled ageless vedic scriptures and ancient wisdom to promote the timeless message of equality –
“Nature is inherently non-discriminatory and Equality is cornerstone of life”


When you donate to the Statue of Equality, you’re not just helping to build a statue, you’re helping to build a movement that’s dedicated to bringing greater equality and compassion to the world. And no matter how much you can afford, it’s important to remember that every donation brings us one step closer to our goal.

What do you gain by contributing to the Statue of Equality? It’s your choice!

  1. Your name can be promoted during the project development.
  2. You can get involved with this divine cause by providing the opportunity to learn about Vedic culture (classes online or offline) and join workshops as they become available.
  3. You will be taught how to purify the soul, lead a better life by getting out of this karmic cycle and perform every deed as a part of service to God and Acharya.
  4. Develop a mood of pure Seva to divine purposes.

Seva is the most recommended way to break karmic bondage.  This is a form of Seva you can perform from the comfort of your own home.

In any mood, some good will be done for society with your generous donations by participation with financial support.


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Discover the people behind The Statue of Equality and the movement it’s designed to inspire.

Equality Stats & Facts

Learn more about why inequality is one of the biggest problems facing society today.

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