Sri Ramanujacharya Swamy – 108 Divya De:sa Bramho:thsavas
02 FEB TO 14 FEB 2023









Jai Srimannarayana!
Time has flown so fast, as if it were mounted on Swift Garuda! It seems like just yesterday that we were sending out invitations to all of you for Sri Ra:ma:nujacharya Sahasra:bdi Sama:ro:ham …. but today it’s 11 months later… and we are extending heartfelt invitations for the 1st anniversary.

All who gathered at the Sahasra:bdi Sama:ro:ham, all the guests right from the first citizen of the Nation, to the devotees and volunteers who thronged from the remote forests and also from overseas, created a momentum of energy by their enthusiastic presence.

The heartfelt good wishes of those who couldn’t come, added to this momentum. The buzz word became Equality. It is high time to translate the concept of Equality of souls, into equal opportunities for all to serve society and God, as per their abilities with dignity. It is also time to create facilities for all to actualise their inherent, unique abilities to their optimum level. It is time to celebrate the oneness underlying the diversity of temporal differences.

The past eleven months were crucial to us in understanding the dynamics of this project. Deities in 108 Divya Desams are receiving sincere services from our archakas, the priests who joined us here from all over the country. Administrative procedures are ever evolving, yet visitors are pouring in.

A lot has been done, but there are miles to go still. Let’s pause a little…let’s energise the momentum once again… share the nostalgia of the past, celebrate the present and take collective sankalpa for the future. Let’s meet for the 1st anniversary celebration of the dedication to the world, of the Statue of Equality. Let’s meet for…

Like Hanuman was poised to fly over the vast ocean to find and connect Sitha with Rama, Samatha Murthi is poised to ‘fly’ over millennium after
millennium to find and connect thirsty souls to the Core Value of Equality, as per Sri Ramanujacharya.

Let everyone gather every year for Samatha Kumbh to keep up the momentum of this ‘flight’.

It gives us immense pleasure to invite you to Samatha Kumbh – 2023.

Our mangalasasanams to you all.