A Magician and a Muni

A magician noticed a ‘poor’ man and offered to teach him magic so he could make some money.

Man: I don’t need to make money
Magician: Is it? What do you want ?
Man: I want God’s grace
Magician: Humm, but anyone would want some money. You seem so ignorant.
Man: (rubs off from his skin to draw settled mud and places it on a rock nearby, the rock turns gold!)
Magician: He felt ashamed and bowed down to the man.

He was BhakthiSa:ra Muni also called Thirumalisai alwar. He sang beautiful poems in praise of God and the prabandha is named Tiruchanda Virutham containing 120 pasuras…

When scholars could not recollect a mantra…

Thousand years ago, scholars chanted Veda mantras only in private. A man born into a medari, basket weaver community was walking by a group of scholars who were chanting Vedas. They paused after seeing the man. After he crossed them, they tried to pick up chanting from where they paused but struggled to recollect.

The man stepped back, picked up a grass blade and broke it with his fingers. Looking at what he did, the scholars could recollect where they paused.

He was none other than BhakthiSa:ra Muni.

Ramanujacharya reformed temples and society in such days to bless us all with the spirit of Equality, the fruit of that immeasurable and courageous effort…

Today is Thirumalisai Alwar Thirunakshatram (birthday), Swamiji led everyone in chanting the related thaniya slokas, verses describing his birth and greatness…

Cradle ceremony

With four Vedas as the four hangers of a cradle, Lord’s seat as our heart, gently pull the rope of devoted attention (sraddha) – HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

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Jai srimannarayana,
With the grace of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji we are here at the aashram and witnessing and experiencing joy. The Abhishekam to Sri Ramanujacharyaji this morning evokes many emotions, gratitude and we are blessed in his grace. The beauty of the place, rhythmic chanting, surrounded by devotees is an ecstasy to our mind and soul. We are grateful for his kainkaryam.
Always at his feet,

– Archana Ramanuja Dasi, Bloomington, Illinois.

Felt spiritually excellent, most divinely place. Very memorable and beautiful place. Amazing architecture, inspiration to many people.

– M.Sravani, Budvel, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad

Interviews of devotees during theeetha Goshti Why take thi:rtham?

Felt very glad and blessed to be here. Feeling devotional and spiritual!

– Students, ACE Engineering College

HH’s thi:rtham is amrutham. Taking thi:rtham from a:charya’s hands will take us near Him.

– Devotee


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