Jagath, sathyam or mithya?
Is the world real or an illusion?

yadyad vibhu:thimath sathvam sri:madu:rjitham e:va va: |
thath thade:va:vagachha thvam mama the:jo::msa sambhavam || Bhagavad Githa 10.11
Everything you see in this world is part of My vibhu:thi, creation. What I created is like an ocean and all that you see are like droplets in it.

So, the world is sathyam, real. It is not mithya, false. However, what exists in the world is not nithya, permanent (in one form). It is prava:hatho: nithya, eternally in a state of flux. Therefore, the world is sathyam and not mithya. It is not nithya, but prava:hatho nithya.

Veda declares…

sa ya e:vam vith asma:th loka:n prayath
one who understands the world this way will attain sadgati, right state

iha che:da ve:di:th ada: satyamasthi nache:diha: ve:di:th mahathi: vinashtihi
if you miss the chance of using the human body, you will lose a great opportunity

When people were taught a philosophy that the world is mithya, Ramanujacharya re-established the Vedic wisdom in its true nature explaining how everything is sathyam and prava:hatho nithya.

As a token of gratitude to Ramanujacharya for bestowing the world with satyathya philosophy as declared by Vedas, we are celebrating Samatha Kumbh 2023, the first anniversary of Sri Ramanujacharya and 108 Divya Desams, centers of inspiration.

The world is not an illusion, you must use it as the ground to clear karma that brought you to an ignorant and arrogant state from an eternally blissful state

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Every year I do some charity by supporting the students. This year too I thought of contributing for Vedic students. But my mom suggested about Garuda seva in Samantha kumbh which is unique. So I am here. I feel very happy coming g here. The vahanam and the temples are great. I have never seen the divya desams before. Seeing all together is a won experience. Have to plan a tour to see the real ones in future. The bhajns, the pujas, the temples, this is the first time I ever saw. It’s very inspiring.

– Vasistta Software Engineer, Hyderabad

Garuda is God’s favorite vahanam. Being part of this in 108 Divya Desams , in Sri Ramanujacharya’s presence and Acharya presence is our luck.

– 14 members from MiryalGuda

Interviews of devotees during theeetha Goshti Why take thi:rtham?

HH’s thi:rtham is amrutham. Taking thi:rtham from a:charya’s hands will take us near Him.

– Devotee

Felt very glad and blessed to be here. Feeling devotional and spiritual!

– Students, ACE Engineering College


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