The 9 Day Yajna Commences

Ashtakshari Maha:mantra Japa
Everyday devotees gather at 6:00am at Ya:gasa:la to sit together and meditate on the auspicious divine qualities of Lord Sriman Narayana, the relation with Him, and seek His grace for enabling them to serve Him.

Dhwaja:ro:hanam, hoisting of Garuda pata, flag
Garuda stands atop overseeing the celebrations and ensuring everyone in the entire existence is invited to witness the glory of Lord

Garuda Prasada, a boon to those who desire a child
It is said that Garuda Prasada removes any issues caused in the navel area due to impact of serpent power which causes disturbance to conceiving and carrying a baby to birth

Agni Prathishta, lighting fire for Yajna
Fire is lighted by drawing the heat from Sun rays using magnifying glass. The same is used during the entire 11 day event in the Ya:gasa:la

Navakunda:thmaka Yajna, Worship in 9 homa kundas
Vedic hymns are chanted with utmost clarity by several young scholars who graduated from JET, Jeeyar Educational Trust. Lord receives prayers through agni devatha, power center of fire.

Chathusttha:na archana, God receives prayers through four elements of nature…

  • Kundam hosts Fire (agni)
  • Mandalam hosts Space (akaash)
  • Kumbham hosts Water (jal)
  • Bimbam hosts Earth (pruthvi)
  • Mantra chanted by the priests hosts Air (vaayu)
The Spectacular 18 Garuda Vahanas

Can you see God? Yes, in the form of a deity
Does God in deity form listen to you? Yes!
How is that possible?
Veda describes how this is possible
Devotees experience it…
Garuda represents Vedic knowledge
Garuda Vahana is thus an important Vahana Seva
during Bramhotsava celebrations…

18 Garuda Vahanas show us all God in
18 various forms of the Divya Desas,
the centers of inspiration to Ramanujacharya

Imagine fixing your mouth on your
stomach to feed into it directly!
Disastrous, isn’t it?

Just like we shouldn’t meddle with the natural functioning of the human system, don’t meddle with Nature. Say no to hybridisation or any other activity that changes the natural functioning of anything in Nature.

Nature is filled with devathas, ‘power centers’ which cannot be seen but are supporting our survival. There are millions of entities that are part of the devatha community…

Drum Time…

Chathurmukha Bramha, the creater is represented by the divine drum who is controlled by ka:la chakra, God in the form of time!

Bhe:ri ta:danam is a beautiful process where every de:vatha section is invited along with all their teams, while playing their favourite tune such as bhujanga ra:ga, soura:shtra ra:ga, sa:mantha ra:ga etc to please them…

Recognising God as the indwelling support to everyone including the devathas, Vedas teach us the system of worship, to bow down, learn our limitations, and live happily in harmony with Nature…

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji playing drums in Samatha Kumbh 2023

Sri Krushna says…

deva:n bha:vayatha:ne:na
the: de:va: bha:vayanthu vaha |
parasparam bha:vayanthaha
sre:yah param ava:psyattha ||
[Githa, Ch 3, verse 11]

What a beautiful way to feel the togetherness with everything in existence rejoicing equality in the eyes of the Supreme soul, God!

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It was a very great and different experience. If I am at home I will play games but here it is very peaceful and a great place. I came here to take part in 108 Kalyanam as my mother forced me to come. but now I am happy. I am seeing such function for the first time.

– K. Karthik

It was really a great experience and a great opportunity coming here and when I entered here , it was really exciting and I have some peace . This is the first time I am visiting this place and this is something different I have ever experienced.

– Pravallika Meda

Interviews of devotees during theeetha Goshti Why take thi:rtham?

HH is apara Ra:ma:nuja. We are seeing Rama:nuja in Him. Taking thi:rtham through our a:cha:rya’s hands is our good karma.

– Jhansi Rani, Varaha Ratnam, Eluru

There are no words to explain. Taking thi:rtham is a bliss. It energizes us. It connects us to God. We came from so far and felt very lucky that God has given such a great a:cha:rya HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Taking thi:rtham from his hands own hands in this mega event is blissful.

– 6 Devotees, Gudiva:da