Temple, a platform to learn…

Our sages established temple institution as a platform to learn the divine aspects of life. These aspects include knowledge of God who is the source of all existence, knowledge of self, knowledge of nature, and ways to liberate oneself from karma and attain eternal blissful state.

Bramho:tsavam, is an annual celebration of the day of God’s appearance amidst us in the form of a deity in a temple. One of the events during this celebration is Vahana Sevas, procession of God on a vehicle. Some vehicles are chosen as a representation of the rest of the beings. Sun (suryaprabha va:hana), moon (chandraprabha va:hana), horse (ashva va:hana), elephant (gaja va:hana), snake (sesha va:hana) etc… Stay tuned for the significance of Garuda va:hana.

Volunteer base loving to serve…

  • 1 beautiful Ya:gasa:la with 9 kundas
  • Havana in the morning, afternoon and evening
  • A team of 100 people building 80 x 44 feet stage
  • A total of 2,200 man hours to create the perfect setting for all the events
  • Additionally 150 people for the tent work/awnings to seat 4,000+ devotees
  • 500 volunteers are going to be working to offer sumptuous prasaadam, food offered to God, to all the guests
  • More than 200 volunteers from NSS, NCC groups have come to serve the people attending the celebration…
  • 35 videographers and assistants, 6 LED screens, 42 speakers, 4 bases, 150 LED Lights, and overall 1,000 lights to lend additional sparkle…

Garuda and Vishwakse:na, The Supervisors of Bramho:tsavam

Marking the commencement of the first anniversary of Sri Ramanujacharya and 108 Divya Desams, under the aegis of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, the following preparatory events were performed with all sincerity…

  • Vishwaksena a:ra:dhana, worshipful inviting of Vishwaksena, commander in-chief of the army of Lord Vishnu to take in charge of the hospitality arrangements for the guests of the celebration
  • Punya:havachana, sanctification of all the substances and all the participants
  • Kankana dha:rana, wearing of sacred thread that removes the impact of past karma so that the participation in the event is not hindered
  • Vishnu Sahasra Namam was chanted singing the glory of the divine qualities of God to sanctify
  • Ankuras, seeds were sown. Their growth during the 11 days of the event indicate the progression of Yajna.
  • Anirva:na Di:pam, a lamp that will stay lit till the conclusion of the Yajna
  • Garuda pata adhiva:sam, inviting Garuda to oversee the receiving of all the 33 crore devathas (administrative force of God), who will be arriving here to witness the celebration…

MUST KNOW: The three levels

If you look at anything in this existence, there are three levels to it…

  • A:di bhowthika, the physical level [the body]
  • A:di daivika, the soul [the one who ‘feels’ the happenings, performs actions etc]
  • A:dhya:thmika, the antharya:mi, the indwelling supporter [God]
  • Every activity performed in the temple recognises these three levels…
    When Garuda is invited, there is a physical drawing/structure of Garuda that represents the a:di bhowthika level. Following which, the soul of Garuda is invoked representing a:di daivika. Finally, the Lord indwelling in Garuda is invited representing a:dhya:thmika level…

    With this knowledge in mind, one can find peace despite many differences in expectations from people, various challenges faced in life and from any other hurdles…

Highlights of 2nd Feb 2023

  • Setting the stage for Samatha Kumbh 2023, Ramanujacharya is offered with a divine bath using milk, curd, ghee, honey and fruits. Each of these five elements represent a natural progression of a seeker from understanding God, to firm belief in God, leading to devotion for God, resulting in good wishes, and finally attaining the ultimate goal.
  • Lord Ranganatha from Sri Rangam graced Ramanujacharya with abhaya hastha, Mother Goda Devi from Sri Villiputthur graced Ramanujacharya with parrots, Lord from Thirukko:shtiyur graced Ramanujacharya with se:sha vasthra, clothes.
  • Punyahavachana, invite Lord Sudarsana into water and sanctify it. The sanctified water is sprinkled on all the things to be used during the celebration…
  • Mass chanting of Vishnu Sahasra Nama
  • Initiate the celebration by sowing 9 types of seeds, the event progression is measured by the growth of the seeds…

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I feel blessed to be doing this service. Even if one person gets inspired with our words they can inspire many people. Hoping to talk to more interested visitors who will go and inspire others. New generation youth can’t relate to sculptures vedas slokas etc, swamiji is reintroducing it to everyone in a new way.

– Chitti, Siddipet

The experience at the information Center is very nice. It feels very good to explain to everyone regarding swamiji and the various activities going on here. I came from Hanumakonda and feeling blessed to be part of this service.

– Ramya, Hanumakonda

Interviews of devotees during theeetha Goshti Why take thi:rtham?

It is our luck to take God’s thi:rtham through a:charya. We came all the way from Warangal to take thi:rtham from HH’s hands!

– Kambu Rama Devi.

When we take thi:rtham, our health will be good. Our mind will be peaceful. We will get punyam. Lord Srimannarayana Himself is our a:charya.

– Devotee

“ He is my guru. Taking thi:rtham through His hands will elevate me. That’s why I am taking thi:rtham.”

– Sharada, Warangal