February 10th, 2023


Sa:dhana in simple terms

sa:dhana is the practice of connecting everything you do with the eternally supreme and compassionate thaththva, God…

What if one’s mind feels jealous of someone, or thinks of lying to someone or feels sleepy during sa:dhana?

If you sincerely desire to rise above those and experience God, try to connect God with any of your thoughts no matter what they are. The minute you connect any thought with God, a dialogue begins in your heart with God. Your manas gets sanctified with that connection and begins to transform. Like fire burns one who touches it irrespective of who or why, connecting everything you do with God puts you on the right path.

What is the ideal time of day for sa:dhana?

Whole life…

Ideal time to do ma:nasa ya:ga where sa:dhana is practiced only on a mental plane is from the time you have a bath and sit for prayer till you eat anything. During the rest of the entire day, what you do is called ba:hya ya:ga, where sa:dhana practiced mentally is put into physical action.

Celebrating Ku:rattha:lwa:r Thirunakshatra, birth star

Makara ma:sa, Hastha Nakshtra

He is revered as nadayaadu paathaanjalam, walking grammar
Elder in age, but considered himself to be a sishya of Ramanujacharya
Gave up his eyes to protect Ramanujacharya and his vision
A symbol for simplicity
If Ve:da is given a form of a woman, He takes the role of mangalsutra, that which is a symbol of her purity, glory and power

Composed pancha sthavam, five prayers in praise
Athima:nusha sthavam
Varadara:ja sthavam
Sundaraba:hu sthavam
Vaikuntta sthavam

Sa:mu:hika Upanayanam

Sacred thread ceremony

210 aspirants wanting to lead life in Vedic way got initiation to it by HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. The families felt elated. Swamiji addressed everyone about how we must live in dedication to continuing the tradition given by our elders. Swamiji directed parents to dedicate at least one child to ve:dic dharma and practices. The benefits of leading life the Vedic ways go beyond what one can imagine in today’s world where short-lived happiness is driving one’s decisions.

Caste, creed, religion etc… Eliminate or Keep?

Eliminating groups is neither necessary nor practical. Every group should be allowed to practice their system and faith inside their homes and between themselves. However, when they join other groups in the society, they must rise above all the differences and come together. All the parts must play their role and work together for Lord and Lord’s divine universal form.

Ramanujacharya practiced this divine approach and led everyone this way 1000 years ago. He did not invent it. This is the path shown by the Lord during His incarnations…

Guha is a boatsman, Sabari is a woman from a different caste. They neither changed their profession or practice. They rose above the differences and played their part in the well-being of the whole. Anything that deviates from this purpose puts your own well-being at risk…

Special Honors to 18 Sculpture Architects

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji awarded 18 sculpture architects who beautifully designed and sculpted various elements in the historic divine place, Samatha mu:rthi sphu:rthi ke:ndra, the Statue of Equality.

My Home Group Chairman, Sriman Rameshwar Rao ji encouraged everyone to serve the purpose of Swamiji to the fullest for it being a lifetime opportunity.

One of the architects named Sriman Lohal Naresh is now part of the core architect team responsible for the main mandir in Ayodhya Rama Mandir. Everyone who received the award expressed what a fortune it is to be part of the Statue of Equality project…

Chief Architect Sriman Prasdad ji was given the title of Stha:pathya Kala:ratna.. Other award titles include Silpa kala:pravi:na, Va:sthu silpa pravi:na, Stha:pathya Kala:pravi:na, abhima:na puraska:ra.

As part of Garuda Vahana seva to18 Divya Desa Sri Murthis, Swamiji explained the significance of each temple.

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Felt spiritually excellent, most divinely place. Very memorable and beautiful place. Amazing architecture, inspiration to many people.

– M.Sravani, Budvel, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad

Garuda is God’s favorite vahanam. Being part of this in 108 Divya Desams , in Sri Ramanujacharya’s presence and Acharya presence is our luck.

– 14 members from MiryalGuda

It feels like there is amrit here all over, in Swamiji’s words, in each inch of this place. It’s in those who come here to realize and relish it. I want to revisit this beautiful place, I want to bring the rest of my family, friends, near and dear and everyone I know. It is a must-watch for everyone irrespective of what faith one may belong to. It is just amazing

– a Visitor

Interviews of devotees during theeetha Goshti Why take thi:rtham?

There are no words to explain. Taking thi:rtham is a bliss. It energizes us. It connects us to God. We came from so far and felt very lucky that God has given such a great a:cha:rya HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Taking thi:rtham from his hands own hands in this mega event is blissful.

– 6 Devotees, Gudiva:da

When we take thi:rtham, our health will be good. Our mind will be peaceful. We will get punyam. Lord Srimannarayana Himself is our a:charya.

– Devotee


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