Ghee Contribution for Yajna

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    swamiji 2020

    HH Chinnajeeyar Swamiji

    Ghee is an important constituent in any yajna. Scriptures prescribe using ghee made from desi cow milk. One may use other elements in Yajna based on the availability and access, but pure natural cow milk ghee is essential.

    Example: Even if you use a gold dosa pan, the spoiled batter can only yield bad taste and ill-health.

    Take a heart-felt devoted part in the ghee contribution for the unique and exemplary Sahasra Kunda:thmaka Yajna (1008 ho:ma-kundas) and stay blessed.

    Pledges and Goal


      # 1. Collect indigenous cow milk from a trusted source by visiting the cow shed.

      # 2. Boil milk

     # 3. Curdling, let the milk set into curd by adding a desired amount of desi cow milk curd to the milk at a few degrees higher than room temperature.

     # 4. Churn curd to make butter

      # 5. Collect butter from the churning…

      # 6. Heat the butter to get pure desi cow ghee

    One litre of pure desi cow milk will yield about 50 to 70 grams of ghee.


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