What We Do

In honor of Sri Ramanuja's selfless devotion of equality, Statue of Equality dedicates itself to inspiring a compassionate humanity while celebrating the virtues of mutual respect. For over 30 years, Statue of Equality has already impacted over 100 million people in more than 27 countries through its commitment to global service, education and youth development, access to healthcare, and improving human rights.


Helping underprivileged kids enroll in school, blind children attend universities, and tribal kids successfully graduate.

Netra Vidyalaya: India’s first Blind College provides free education, board, clothing, and basic medical facilities to 250 underprivileged blind students.

Jeeyar Integrated Vedic Academy: This Vedic academy is preserving 4,000 year-old ancient scripture to protect the treasures of higher sciences and supreme knowledge.


Providing cancer detection and prevention, organ donation, affordable quality healthcare, and bone marrow transplants.

JIMS Hospital: 80-bed hospital provides 75,000 patients with high quality and affordable healthcare each year.

Cancer: Breast and Cervical Cancer early detection program has screened over 48,000 underprivileged women and 1,068 women who were tested positive were surgically cured for free.

Organ Donation: Over 50,000 youth volunteers have participated in conducting awareness campaigns and walkathons to encourage donations, also holding free medical, dental, animal welfare, and blood donation camps all over the world.

Personality Development

Cultivating ethical leadership, integrity management, social championship, and inner-peace development for all.

Githa Jyothi: A global personal leadership program to deliver a practical methodology to condition human body, mind, and soul in order to develop tolerance, gratitude towards environment, mutual respect for all living beings, and more.

Prisoner Reform Program: A program aimed to instill spiritual wellness and rehabilitation for prisoners in India.

Children & Youth

Providing economic, social, educational, familial, and cultural support for youth.

Forever Angels Baby Home: Baby Home provides stable and loving homes to 60 orphaned babies and infants in Tanzania.

Inspire Children & Youth: Continuously inspiring millions of youth all over the world to learn and practice fundamental truths such as respect, concern, and gratitude to encourage their own acts of selfless service.

Disaster Relief

Training quick response teams to help victims of natural disasters.

Quick Response Teams: Trained over 200,000 volunteers in India to be readily available to serve the victims of natural disasters.

Tsunami and Cyclone Relief: Actively worked in rescue and rehabilitation in major worldwide disasters providing housing, rehabilitation centers, and food packets to those in need.


Offering free positive living practices for physical, mental, emotional wellness through yoga and meditation.

Yoga & Meditation: Providing the knowledge of yoga, meditation, spiritual and ancient wisdom to millions of people worldwide to condition the human body, mind, and soul to develop tolerance, joy of sharing, non-violence, attitude of gratitude towards environment, and mutual respect for all living beings.

World Peace Programs: Conducting world peace programs for over three decades with the goal to benefit all of humanity including peace walks, charity events, blood drives, and more.


Empowering women by providing resources, skills, and knowledge to lead self-sustaining lives.

Improved Economic Awareness: Improved the economic progress in the illiterate village of Allampalli by building three model schools that continues to educate children, in turn, women have become economically and financially independent for the first time.

Conscious Health Awareness: 3000 health camps were built across 389 villages to spread breast and cervical cancer awareness for women.

Environmental & Animal Protection

Reducing carbon footprint, replace plastic usage, plant trees, and protect wildlife.

Reduce Plastic Usage: Volunteers spent a total of 700,000 hours to teach and instill the use of plastic alternatives and in turn has transformed the sacred hills of Tirumala, India.

Trees Planted: Over 200,000 saplings were planted in South India to instill the importance of giving back to nature and preserving our environment.

Preserve Heritage & Culture

Restoring ancient structures while preserving traditional cultural values and ancient knowledge.

Restoration: Restored the beautiful Mandasa Temple that was built around the 15th century in order to preserve the country’s rich heritage and culture and has preserved over 172 similar structures.

Preservation: Preserved ancient wisdom from a 400 year old sacred temple, Divya Saketham in order to conserve and protect ancient cultures and wisdom.

Make a Donation

Every donation you make helps bring us one step closer to making the world a fairer, more equal place to live.


Hold a bake sale. Start a donation jar. Sign up for a charity run. It's simple, easy and fun.


Join the equality movement and be a part of history in the making.