Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami is known to be a Perfectionist. His keen eye into details, His strength in re-establishing lost ideals and His warmth towards those in suffering is immeasurable!

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As part of constructing the 108 Divya Desams around the Statue of Equality, Sri Swamiji spent 8 hours on the first review of the drawings of the Deities of the Divya Desams. These drawings were done by the Sriman Prasad ji, Chief Architect and his team.

Ramanujacharya drew inspiration from the Deities of these Divya Desams! While Lord exists as the root source of life in everyone and everything that exists, the Deity form supports one in actualising that fact.

Swamiji reviewed every single inch and each part of the Deity in the drawings, not compromising on any aspect. The review was based on three references:

✯ Images of Deities from the Divya Desams
✯ Scriptural descriptions of the Deities
✯ Historical facts, and the Local References on the Divya Desams

The Deities are highly captivating and extremely specific when it comes to the ornaments, the weapons, and the positioning – such as sayanam, asanam, prayoga chakram, yogam, peetam,

Swamiji himself is seen as a manifestation of both qualities of Lord: Compassion and Perfection. So, his time on any activity, even for a minute or two is considered extremely invigorating for many! This activity of 8 hour detailed examination on the drawings of one Deity in specific and a few more in general aspects has been a monumental milestone in the project!

– Statue of Equality Team


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