Statue of Equality Divya Desam Temple Updates

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Carving of stones for 100 temples has commenced. Out of those 100, assembling of the beautiful stones for 63 temples has started. Sculpting of roof stones for another 12 temples has been completed. Roof stones for 7 more temples are ready to be sculpted.

Creation of Moolavar & Uthsavar deities for the Divya Desam temples has started.

Sthapathi Team has submitted 50 drawings to HH Sri Swamiji for approval. After intensely going through those 50 drawings in detail from crown to toes multiple times, HH Sri Swamiji gave Stamp of Approval, much to everyone’s delight. To iron out any further deficiencies that may arise, The Sthapathi Team has set out to Divya Desam original temples.

Construction of Divya Desa Mandapam in the much admired Hoysala architectural style has commenced. So far, 12 carved pillars have been set in place. These exquisitely carved pillars are adding to the beauty of the much awaited Divya Desa mandapam.

Sculpting work in the area of Golden Ramanuja is going on at good pace in a wonderful manner. As part of it, assembling & placing work of stone dome has started.

Creation of “Vya:li” forms, to be placed in Divya Desa mandapam, is going on in Hebei city in China. These Vyalis are being created 4 forms, as per South Indian Temple style & Vastu science, as found in ancient South Indian temples. These are bound to add to the curiosity & beauty of the Divya Desa mandapam. Apart from Vya:li, beautiful forms of Parrot, Horse, Lion and many unique forms with speciality are being created, as per the direction of The Sthapathi Team ironing out deficiencies to get close to perfection. For this purpose specifically, The Sthapathi Team is visiting China.

To provide fresh, tasty, pure food (prasadam) to Statue of Equality visitors at all times, ISKCON Hare Krsna Movement Swamis & personnel met HH Sri Swamiji to submit proposals to create Kitchen with modern State-of-the-art Kitchen Technology as per Sri Swamiji’s inputs on the types of prasadam to be prepared.

Models of landscaping in the entire Statue of Equality arena are ready. With approval of HH Sri Swamiji, landscaping work will begin at the earliest. Also, Entrance area work, Food Court work, Parking area creation work & other Civil works are going on at quick pace.

Statue of Equality is not just about Creation of Statue but Creation of History! To be part of this noble cause is Lord Srimannarayana’s grace & a great opportunity! Giving us hope & motivation, we sincerely hope that all of you, your families, friends, and many more continue to support this world cause now and in future.

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