The countdown for unveiling the magnificent monument has commenced. Please join us in this unique event to build the inspiration centre and share the joy.

2 FEB 2022 till 14 Feb 2022









Highlights of the 12 days event:


  • 1035 Kunda Sri Lakshmi Narayana Mahakratuvu
  • 108 Divya Desams Prathishtta and Kumbhabhishekam
  • Prathishtta of Gold Ramanuja
  • Dedicating the 216 feet Ramanuja statue to the world



Ramanujacharya is coming back to this world in 2022 and the preparations for the Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi ceremony has been started with a great enthusiasm across the world.

The samaroham (ceremony) is going to start on 2 Feb 2022 (Wednesday) and last for 12 days with many activities.

Here is the invitation to all the bagavadh bandus to join the event and celebrate the EQUALITY.


There are multiple ways you can be part of this Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabadi samaroham. Please go through the below options and you can be part of this great monument. More details will be updated on this at regular intervals.

SOELaunch LakshmiNarayanaMahaKrathuvu

1035 Kunda Sri Lakshmi Narayana Krathuvu

The 12 days yajna is performed with 1035 kundas every day and devotees can choose the number of days to participate. Devotees can give the details of the Nakshathram (star) and Padam (optional) and each day you can sit at the Kunda which is allocated to you based on the Nakshatram and Padam or any kunda of your choice. For more details please email to [email protected] or call our help line number.

SOELaunch DivyaDesams Prathishtta

108 Divya Desams Prathishtta and Kumbhabhishekam

As part of the 12 days event, every day on an average of 9 Divya Desams (Temples) Prathishtta will be performed. It’s a great opportunity to be part of these temples prathishtta and many items are required during the ceremony (e.g. Mercury, Yanthrams, Ghee, Samidhalu, Pure Navarathnalu, Pure Silk clothes for the lord etc). Please take part in this divine service. 

SOELaunch AllTheIshtis

Participate in all the Ishtis (activities) for the entire Samaroham

The 12 days event combines of many activities (Unveiling the 216 feet statue, Prathishtta of Gold Statue and many more) and you can be the prime sponsor of all the Ishtis (activities) for the entire samaroham. For more details please email to [email protected] or call our help line number. 

SOELaunch oneIshti

Participate in one Ishti (activity) for the entire Samaroham

The 12 days samaroham combines of many activities and you can be the prime sponsor of one particular activity of your choice for the entire samaroham. For more details please email to [email protected] or call our help line number.

SOELaunch GheeDonation 1

Ghee Donation

Ghee is an important constituent in any yajna. Scriptures prescribe using ghee made from desi cow milk. One may use other elements in Yajna based on the availability and access, but pure natural cow milk ghee is essential. We will procure the ghee on your behalf.

SOELaunch Annadanam

Tadiyaaraadhana (Food distribution) for 100 devotees

We are expecting on an average of 15000 to 20000 people a day for the samaroham event and every donation of yours is so valuable to serve the devotees. Food distribution is one the vital donation.

Soe Samaroham Ashtottara

Ashttothara Sathanama Puja

Ashttothara sathanama puja is performed for your whole family members properity at the Divya desam (temple) of your choice. You can choose any number of temples you want to perform the puja on any day of your choice in the 12 days event.

SOELaunch Rhuthvik

Donate clothes to the priest

There will be 1000s of priest performing various activities during the event and it’s a great opportunity to serve the priest who has dedicated his life in the service of the lord. Your donation is a great act of respect towards them. Let’s make them feel happy once again.

SOELaunch Gopuja


Gopuja means worship of a cow (Go:ma:tha) along with her calf.  Gopuja  removes hardships of the people and blesses them with peace and happiness.  It also enables a person to achieve control over his senses. Gopuja is equivalent to a pradakshinam around the earth, recitation of Vedas and worship of Lord Vishnu. 

SOELaunch Volunteer

Call for Volunteers

The smallest part of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” Any kind of service is great and we are thankful for your service as always. As part of the 12 days event, there are several areas you can be part of. You can volunteer your time and energy in the areas of your interest and skills and take part on this once in a life time event.

SOELaunch GoldStatue 1

Swarna Murthi ( Gold Statue) Prathishtta

One of the main ceremonies of the samaroham is Unveiling of Swarna Murthi, the gold deity of Ramanujacharya. Donate to this and the meditation hall where people get inspired by the Swarna Murthi.

SOELaunch 216FeetUnveiling

Donate As You Wish

It is not one thing in specific but the entire event is so beautiful and blissful. If you are unable to choose between the options, donate as you wish and be assured that it is serving the purpose.