September 21st, 2020


At some point in life, everyone realizes that there is more to life than what is visible at the surface. There is something very powerful that is governing the entire existence: all the species, nature, and the underlying life. Theists refer to that unique divine power as God. Vedas reveal that the supreme power, God is beautifully accessible as a Deity.

Who is eligible to sculpt a Deity?

Vedic scriptures through a:gamas and silpa sa:stra prescribed the process of deity sculpting and worship. The sa:stras also declared that God is equally accessible to even a child who builds a deity with clay and seeks Him with love. The act of love is the first underlying foundation for worship and deity sculpting.

When it comes to temples, the first step defined in the sa:stra for deity sculpting is to procure the right type of stone (sila: sangrahanam). Purusha sila is the right type of stone for sculpting the Deity.  A purusha sila is one that produces the divine sound of o:m when hammered. 

An acharya sanctifies the entire process of deity sculpting through a prayer seeking forgiveness from God for having to use tools on a part (the procured stone) of His universal form of the body. He then requests God to bestow all the required strength and abilities to the sculptor so that he can bring out God in a beautiful perceivable form. 

As part of this process, acharya inaugurates the sculpting routine Himself by hammering onto the stone five times on the e:sha:nya mu:la, the north-east section of the procured stone

On the 13th of September 2020, HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji inaugurated the sculpting of mu:la mu:rthi, the 11 prime deities of:

  Thiru urayu:r
  Sempansai Koyil

Swamiji also examined the other sections of work, shared feedback and suggestions on:

  the monumental entrance towers of all 108 divya desam temples,
  the flooring and the handrails of the divya desa mantapam (the corridor encompassing the 108 centres of inspiration)
  the final touches of all completed sections 

Swamiji enquired about the well-being of the entire team and blessed them with energy to deliver the divine tasks in their hand. Statue of Equality is an extremely vibrant, and enriching center that will soon gift the truths of existence and ways to explore Vedic wisdom to all the seekers. Such wisdom through the acharya’s grace can enable everyone to sculpt a better world together!

– Update from Chief Architect
– DNV Prasad Sthapathy and team
– 21 st September 2020

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