Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi Celebrations have gathered momentum. The whole atmosphere is buzzing with feverish anticipation on when the Statue of Equality – the second tallest sitting vigraham of great acharya Sri Ramanujacharya will appear in JIVA campus.

The Stone work, castings and polishing work, onsite erection of beams and elephants is going on full swing. The casting of 11th level out of 17 levels has been completed. Height wise 22 out of 34 meters casting is finished.  The 6th dispatch clearance has been given and is ready for shipment. Dynamic fountain fabrication and its mechanism is in progress.

RR.Engineering has completed erection of 20 out of 33 columns. Erection of 122 beams out of 244 beams has been completed raising up to the height of 10 meters level. 6 Columns assemblies and 17 beams reached the site. 3 columns are under fabrication and 5 of 12 columns are under marking.

Finishing Touches on Bhadravedi Temple Complex Exterior work has been started at the site. Until now 16 truckloads of material have been received at the site. For Regular Updates on Statue of Equality, you can connect with us on Facebook 



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