Sri Swamiji says, “There are many ways to show our concern for equality

We can do it mentally, verbally, financially and also by physically being part of it – in action. When we are present physically, without any feeling of dignity of labour, we learn to become humble and kind. We develop a better understanding of the problems faced by the community, we can speak more effectively and find solutions. One sincere physical service without expectations, not only can spark knowledge in us, but it also pleases our Acharya immensely.

This is what one of the volunteers, Ms Deepaji, did to promote the concept of equality. Although highly qualified & scholarly, she dedicated her services, by actually carrying the “Bricks & Mortar” for the construction of Sri Ramanuja’s Statue of Equality!
She left all her pride and prestige, to become part of the workers community who mostly lead a less-fortunate life and yet highly skilled at their jobs.

She stood as an example of how a disciple should practice to turn “Knowledge into Action”, be humble, kind and how to treat all people alike while equally respecting the nature of their jobs and qualification.

Sri Swamiji, was very pleased with her services and offered His blessings to her. Sri Swamiji appreciated her initiative and wishes to see all devotees develop such a broad-minded vision and heart, while doing service.


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