Lakhs of hours, thousands of hands, hundreds of people, many minds are working towards passing the heritage and message of the Great Saint, Educationalist, Philosopher, Architect, Scientist of Inner Space, Saviour who laid the Bridge to Eternal Joy, Sri Ramanujacharya to the World! With utmost respects to our only Inspirer and the back bone of the project, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, our Chief architect Sriman Prasad Garu shared several details and latest updates on the project exclusively for all our dear readers, volunteers, donors, and all those interested!

108 Divya Desams, Centres of Inspiration

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  • The ‘Greater Krushnasila’ stones from the surroundings of Gurijepalli, Kotappakonda, and Narsaraopeta of Andhra Pradesh are being used to sculpt the 108 Divya Desams, Centres of Inspiration!
  • 9 groups of craftsmen are working in Marturu, and 2 groups of craftsmen are working in Tirupati for carving the structures of the 108 Divya Desams, Centres of Inspiration!

  • Foundations for 80 Divya Desams, Centres of Inspiration are in-progress!
  • Foundations for the remaining, i.e. 28 Divya Desams, Centres of Inspiration are complete!
  • Spanning over 45 acres, these foundations have gone more than 20 feet below!
  • Over the past 5 months, 220 men worked on laying the foundations of the Divya Desams and 90% of the foundation work is complete!
  • On of the completed 28 foundations, 23 Divya Desams have begun taking shape; 160 men from Tamil Nadu are working on this effort!
  • Crafting stone for 25 other Divya Desams is in progress!
  • Around the 108 Divya Desams, a total of 464 exquisitely carved pillars are being constructed simultaneously!
  • 70 out of these 464 pillars have already reached the site!
  • A black stone obtained from Bowslana, a village near by Jaipur is used for the pillars!
  • The pillars are being structured in Hoysala architecture!
Honouring Ramanujacharya, the Bhadravedi
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  • Bhadravedi is built using light pink stone obtained from Bansipahad near Rajasthan!
  • 108 steps leading to Sri Ramanujacharya is close to complete!
  • On either side of the 108 steps, several porches are being built for the convenience of the visitors!
  • Stone work is used for all the porches!
  • The first floor of Bhadravedi is being adorned with Alwa:rs, Acharya:s, and Gaja Lakshmi Deities
Prayer Hall and ‘Swarna Murthi‘, the Gold Deity of Sri Ramanujacharya

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  • 120 Kg Gold Deity of Sri Ramanujacharya will be consecrated for daily worship and inspiration!
  • A world-renowned company located in Hang Jou, China is interested in taking up the making of the Gold Deity
  • Several other similar companies across the world are also coming forward to take the opportunity
  • 45% of the Interior work of the first orbit of the mandir is complete!
  • 48 Star-Shaped pillars are designed to adorn the mandir!
  • Out of these 48 pillars, 8 pillars around the sanctum, and another 8 around the first orbit will be positioned
  • The remaining 32 pillars are being designed to depict 32 Bramha Vidyas, the eternal root skills!
  • 550 artisans from Mount Abu in Rajasthan are working to design and carve all the elements as per the specification
Showers of Gratitude

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  • 45 feet high and 108 feet wide fountain is designed to devote showers of Gratitude to Sri Ramanujacharya
  • Basic structure of the fountain is complete, Tiling is in progress
  • Lotus flower structures with 8 petals each are built in four layers around the fountain
  • First layer has 24 lotuses and second layer has 8 lotuses, remaining two layers are being designed
  • Variety of species including Lions, Elephants and Swans from the nature are shown emerging from these lotuses
  • 30 people are working on different tasks in this part of the site


The Advent
  • The entrance area is designed to support visitors for a hassle free and peaceful time; ticketing, check-in, baggage lockers, delicious, fresh and satvik food counters
  • Civil work for all the above areas in in progress with 75 people working on the tasks


216 Feet – Sri Ramanujacharya

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  • The 216 Feet, the Compassionate Sri Ramanujacharya has already shaped up beautifully promising people a path of eternal well-being!
  • Projection Mapping is planned to give visitors unique shows and displays
  • One company from India and two companies from China have come forward to take up this opportunity. There are teams in these companies who worked on initial and final shows using lighting and projection mechanism during Beijing Olympics! Others have experience working on Projection Mapping on several ancient structures across the world!
  • Discussions spanned over two sessions with Swamiji to analyse the best way to deliver Sri Ramnujacharya’s message using Projection Mapping with all the interested teams
  • Besides the craftsmen, artisans, carpenters, teams in all other activities, there are:
    • 9 Architects
    • 15 Managers
    • 6 Accountants
    • 5 Structural Engineers
    • 2 Estimation Engineers
    • 15 Contractors and Supervisors
    • 15 RMC Plants
      • 3 Lorries in RMC plant
      • 9 Cranes
      • 1 Tower Crane
      • 1 Jumbo Crane
      • 2 J.C.B
  • Design and implementation of Lighting across the site is under-taken by a team in Bangalore under the guidance of a British based personnel
  • Land scaping work is in the hands of a Hyderabad based team!

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