Sri Ramanuja, a revolutionary social reformer and humanitarian, liberated millions of people from social, cultural, and economic discrimination with a foundational belief that every human is equal regardless of nationality, gender, race, caste, or creed.
Sri Ramanuja distilled ageless vedic scriptures and ancient wisdom to promote the timeless message of equality that
“Nature is inherently non-discriminatory and Equality is cornerstone of life”

Om Asmad Gurubhyo Namaha.

This video is a virtual tour of statue of equality. A historic project built 216 ft tall, metallic statue of Sri Bagwad Ramanuja Charya and world’s second most tallest sitting statue located at Shamsabad , Hyderabad, India to celebrate 1000 years birth anniversary of  Sri Bagwad Ramanuja Charya.

The statue of equality will be surrounded by 108 ancient temples from all over India and is designed to create top notch hi-tech educational experience for tourists along side drenching them with divinity.  

This statue of equality under the aegis of his holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannaryana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Namaste, Jai Shreemannarayana.

The Statue of equality features and a virtual tour:

The visitors parking lot is called as Pravesha Vatika

The entrance to the statue of equality is called Pravesha Dwaram

The statue of equality will be surrounded with architectural wonders with ancient sculptures like Garudamandapam (which is prominent in the front portion of statue of equality ).

To welcome visitors to statue of equality – we got beautiful Hamsadwaram.

The next stop is Pradanadwaram – the entrance to statue of equality.

The statue of equality will be a wonder with most advanced technologies and robotics which is estimated to attract millions of visitors from all across the globe.

This benevolent project is estimated to create livelihood to more than 3000 families.

We got ticket and baggage check-in counter where visitors can check-in their personal belongings and bags before entering the statue of equality and get ready to have an enthralling educational tours as well as have divine darshan of Sri Bagwad Ramanuja Charya’s statue and 108 temples.

The 108 diva desam temples are resembling all the temples in India from Himalayas to Kanyakumari recognised and worshipped by Sri Bagwad Ramanuja Charya as in Ayodhya, Matura, Badrinath, Dwaraka, Kanchi, Srirangam in their respective styles.

Parikrama : A divine pathway that surrounds these temples facilitating devotees to take a meditative walk around their own choice of temple.
Mahamandapam : Spacious hall where all visitors will assemble and from here they can visit their choice of attraction.
Vimanam : Sanctum sanatorium holy roof for the deities for all 108 temples build in their respective styles.
Haritha Aramam : A peaceful blossoming garden
Grandeur Badravedi : Made with metal elements and beautiful lotuses on which Sri Bagwad Ramanuja Charya is seated. Badravedi is the base of statue of equality.
108 steps are buit over to Badravedi to proceed to the statue of equality.

The statue of equality- The statue of Sri Bagwad Ramanuja Charya is made up of five metals, the historic monument 216 feet tall, the statue of inspiration, philosophy, religion, intelligence, service and democracy.

Sri Bagwad Ramanuja Charya will be holding 120 ft long staff in his called tridandum. This staff represents his life spanand how acharya is inspiring so many jeevas or souls making them realise and attain the lotus feet of Eshwara or God.

The status of equality will be surrounded by 74 simhasana adipati’s signifying 74 acharyas who was initiated by Sri Bagwad Ramanuja Charya to promote unity, equality, brotherhood and universal peace.

The temple of Sri Bagwad Ramanuja Charya where his statue is made of Gold weighing 120 kg will be consecrated for worship.

Audio guides in Hindi, English, telugu, Tamil, Gujrati, French, Spanish and other regional languages to all visitors explaining history and significance of each of the temples.

Once more attraction to top it up – Dancing Fountain to delight visitors. This huge structure also involves food court which is spacious and delicious satvic food, with prasadam is being made available for visitors.

The huge omniplex theatre with a dome where life history of Sri Bagwad Ramanuja Charya and short movies on vedic heritage as in secrets of universe, creation, time and also parallel unverse. Also, stories on Puranas, vedic scriptures will be screened.

Sri Bagwad Ramanuja Charya was a pioneer imparting equality, his methods, his views are still being implemented today, and are carried forward. Sri Bagwad Ramanuja Charya lived for 120 years limitlessly served with open heart for welfare of all beings, with more than 100 years of his lifetime.

The statue of equality mega project is a sincere effort to revive the power of vedic culture, share significance of vedic scriptures, the welfare wellbeing of all the world and impart the message of equality. Equality a dream of everyone is becoming a reality under the aegis of his holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannaryana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Let us all come together in this historic monument to celebrate the beauty of equality. Namaste, Jai Shreemannarayana.